What adhesive do I use with your jewelry blanks?

Many times adhesive is a personal preference. I almost always use Weldbond. The exception would be when adhering a large center stone or piece in a belt buckle with a slightly curved surface…Then I like to use E6000 or silicone for a little “cushion” and thickness for maximum surface adherence. I do suggest “texturizing” the inside of the jewelry blanks which are smooth…Others are already textured to give adhesive something to grip on to.

What is the best way to use non-sanded grout?

When I mix my grout, I use a Dixie cup or a used yogurt container.  The non-sanded grout is for grout lines 1/16th inch or smaller. I mix the grout to a toothpaste or hummus consistency. If I add too much water, then I add more powdered grout, slowly, or give it a few minutes to dry out a bit. I also add a little Weldbond to my grout which helps it stick better in the jewelry, (especially rings) so it will not fall out if banged against a table. ;o)

Do I need to seal the non-sanded grout?

I usually suggest sealing grout. Different people like different finishes, and personally, I like my mosaics to appear as if they are not coated. Tile Guard makes a product called “Penetrating Grout Sealer” which has the consistency of water and dries as though it was never applied. Just brush it on, then wipe your tesserae surface. Cleans up nicely!

Can I use the ceramic tiles for outdoor projects?

Although our tiny ceramic tiles are high fired, they are not vitrified. If you are working on a project where your finished piece is going to be left in freezing conditions, we do not recommend them for outdoor use. If you are in a warmer climate where freezing does not occur, then they are great for outdoor use!

Will the silver overlay jewelry blanks tarnish?

Yes! They are sterling silver over brass and just like solid silver, they will tarnish. They are also not lacquered, which makes them easier to patina and etch. To help retard tarnishing, use a silver polish with a tarnish inhibitor.

Will non-sanded grout scratch a surface like sanded grout?

Yes, non-sanded grout does have an abrasive quality, although much less than sanded grout. I usually suggest taping off jewelry blanks with blue painters tape prior to grouting.

Do you offer wholesale accounts?

Due to an increase in shipping costs and product prices we are unable to offer Whole Sale accounts at this time. Here at Tiny Tile Mosaics we are proud to have the lowest prices out there! In order to keep our everyday prices super low wholesale is no longer available.

Do you teach the traditional mosaic style or sell the supplies?

If you are interested in creating a more traditional type of mosaic, please visit my friend Suzanne at Mosaic Oasis Studio & Supply in Arlington MA. At Mosaic Oasis, you can find an assortment of traditional tools and materials for sale.


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