Handmade Murrine is made with 100% Bullseye Glass 90COE.
Making a Murrine object is a 3 to 4-step process.  Each one can have issues and things can go wrong during this delicate process.  The first step in the process is heating glass in a small kiln on high and then pulling the glass out in canes.  It is then cut into equal lengths arranged on its ends and then fused together.  It then goes back in the kiln again to take on its final shape.  This is always a 3 step process and often 4 if there are more complex patterns in the center.
Please keep in mind that our Murrini is handmade and hand-pulled.  Therefore there might be some variation in color and design from one pull to the next.  As with all murrine made using vitrigraph kiln, you will get different canes from different parts of the whole pull.  They will all be different and some will have fewer patterns than others.
To keep shape, do not fire over 740°C or 1635°F

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