Iridescent Recycled Glass

Our Recycled Glass Tiny Tiles are made of 97% recycled window pane scraps and 3% pigments. The scrap glass is ground into a powder form and mixed with color oxides, then pressed into individual mosaic shapes. The small powder pieces are then passed through a linear kiln, where the powdered glass and pigments are fused and annealed as durable glass mosaic tiles.

made from recycled glass *colored with natural mineral oxides *stamped individually *annealed through a linear kiln *strong and durable *excellent color fastness *cuts easily and accurately using wheeled nippers *minimal crumbling or waste *treated with acid for permanent iridescence *8mm square (slightly larger than 1/4 inch) *1/8 inch thick *1,100 tiles = ± 1 square foot.

Great for use indoors and out, in dry or wet areas, walls and floors, commercial and residential.

Measure 8x8x4mm which make them wonderful to mix with our mirror, and other glass tiles, as well as our Moroccan ceramics, with minimal difference in height. Approx. 170-180 tiles per quarter pound.


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