Thin Strap – Long Black

Thin Strap – Long Black


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Measuring approximately 10mm wide and 6 inches long. Once you loop the leather strand through the hole on the opposite end these bracelets are completely adjustable to fit any wrist size.

We recommend using our ceramic Moroccan tile on these straps. Weldbond glue is perfect for this craft project. Use a generous amount and be sure to glue on the SUEDE side of the strap. The porous tile and fuzzy porous suede hold the tiles on really well. When you are finished gluing all of the tile, press it under a heavy book overnight. Then I like to run a small ribbon of glue on the outside edge and smooth over with my finger to give the exposed tile edge a little extra support.

Please remember when you wear your leather strap bracelet that you are wearing a piece of art. It’s not something you want to wear daily especially if you are going swimming.

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