Hamsa Hand – 4/3

Hamsa Hand – 4/3


Hamsa Hand 6:00 – 8:00

The Hamsa symbol, often appearing as a hand shape with an eye in the center – along with intricate designs – is usually worn or displayed as a sign of protection. The popular symbol has been used across diverse cultures, and although its interpretations may differ, the hamsa can be a powerful image for anyone who wants to ward off negative energy and protect themselves from harm.

You can replicate our design or have fun exploring the tile wall to come up with your idea. There is no cutting in this workshop so it’s super fun and easy for all ages.

A take-home grout kit is included in the cost of this workshop. If you prefer to have it professionally grouted you can leave it with us. If you choose this option, please bring $10 in cash for the grout fee.

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