Recycled Glass Tile Mix LIME

Recycled Glass Tile Mix LIME
Item# RGTlimeMIX

Product Description

8mm Recycled Glass Tile mixes are sold in 1/4 pound bags = approximately 170-180 tiles

3 finishes are included in this mix. 1) Standard glass tiles have a glossy impervious surface that is easy to clean and reflects light. The colors appear strong and vivid 2) Pearlised or Iridized tiles are treated with an acid based wash that creates a permanent oil on water finish that refracts into multiple colors. The pearlescent or pearl finishes may be slightly softer than iridized or iridescent finishes. 3) Matte finished glass tiles have a textured surface that diffuses light during reflection so that colors appear softer and more naturalistic. This finish is also particularly useful for floors as it has non slips properties.